Soylente Verde
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Fun is always on our menu. We eat, dance and there's usually a karaoke machine around. Below is a sampling of what's been on our menu in the past. We never have a full menu, which allows us to concentrate on a couple items. Everything is homemade. Everything is fresh. Plus, our Live Harvest™ production process does not yield enough meat yet to satisfy the amount of people attending each dinner.

Thin, rolled tortillas brimming with juicy meat and warm, gooey cheese. Enchiladas are covered with our homemade chili sauce and baked to perfection—a glorious combination of flavors, textures, and spices.

This favorite consists of a fried tortilla or soft flour tortilla that is stuffed or rolled with a mixture of carefully seasoned meat or blood sausage, fresh cheese, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes.

We season ground meat with a selection of shredded meat chili and other savory spices and roll it up in homemade cornmeal dough. The tamale is then wrapped in cornhusks and steamed.

Meat, beans, and cheese baked in a flour tortilla. The result is a soft, warm dish bursting with flavor. A favorite of meat eaters.

A sizzling skillet of marinated meat strips piled high with savory peppers, onions, and other fresh vegetables and served with soft, fresh flour tortillas. The flavors of peppers and onions infuse the meat to create a taste sensation unlike anything else.